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 Posted 9/5/2017 5:45:09 PM
Blue Hybrid

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I found this earlier today and I thought you might want to read it.;)

Cardiff Times October 19th 1889


Have been sold in the United States within the past seven years, and more people have been cured of serious complaints by it than by all other medi- cines and the doctors combined. NO OTHER COMPOUND ON EARTH CAN SHOW A SIMILAR RECORD. The highest medical authorities in tbe world pronounce it the only known specific for KIDNEY AND LIVER DISEASES. Such lights in the profession as GUNN and LEWIS, of America; WEBER and BOETTCHER, of Germany; TENNENT and LEGGALD, of Australia, having verified, by numerous investigations, tbe claims put forth by its Proprietors, have written in the most com- mendatory manner of the marvellous virtues of this wonderful remedy.

In the United States nearly ONE MILLION VOLUNTARY TESTIMONIALS have been received from people whose health has been restored, or whose lives have been saved by this celebrated medicine. These statements are from Senators, Congressmen, Bishops, Bankers, Clergy- men, Doctors, Barristers, Councillors, Merchants, and all classes of men and women, whose grateful words confirm in every particular every claim made by the Proprietors as to the medicinal value of WARNER'S "SAFE" CURE.

Here, in England, where conservative business methods have been followed, the sale has been proportionately great, 513,083 BOTTLES HAVING BEEN SOLD LAST YEAR, showing an average increase per year of 210 PER CENT. Thousands of testimonials have been received from eminent people in the United Kingdom,. who speak in no uncertain terms regarding tbe merits of Warner's SAFE Cure. The marvellous success of WARNER'S "SAFE" CURE throughout the world is accounted for by reason of tbe fact that it is a high-class scientific remedy.

It cures disease by removing the cause, cleansing the fountains, and enriching the blood. It gives strength and vigour to the digestive and muscular system, and is restorative and healing in its nature. It has won, according to the testimony of eminent persons, the most deserved reputation ever accorded to any known compound. It has been referred to by physicians as It WORLD'S GREATEST MEDICAL BLESSING." It is the only proprietary medicine that has ever received the approval of the German Govern- ment, and the Hungarian Government has, within the present month, granted it the first and only concession ever given to a proprietary medicine. It has stood the test of ten years' trial, has come out triumphant. and A MILLION UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIALS from the best people in the world declare its worth and value, Warner's Sats Cure can be had of all Chemists, and at the Stores or from H. H. WARNER AND Co., 86, Clerkenwell-road, London, E.C.

Dedicated to Neath area bottles, flagons etc.

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