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1830 Medicinal Preparations - long & comprehensive list

Posted By vivo 8/18/2009 12:51:55 AM
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 Posted 8/18/2009 12:51:55 AM
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Here's one for the researchers out there.

Whilst browsing a few keywords on the net, I chanced across this (Long) A to Z list of Medical preparations available in The UK in 1830.

It was in a taxation list in the Hansard (Journal of the House of Commons). I have always found some of the most comprehensive lists relate to Government taxation. Anyway enough waffle.:doze:

On with the list: Enjoy.:)

From: 'House of Commons Journal Volume 85: 8 April 1830: Schedule - Part the seventh; pp. 313-319


Abbé Blondell's Specific.

Abraham's Lithontriptic.

Absorbent Lozenges.

Adam's Solvent.

Addison's Reanimating European Balsam.

Æthereal Anodyne Spirit.

Ague Drops.

- Pills.

- Powders.

- Tinctures.

Aikin's Nervous Lozenges.

- Pomona Do.

Allan's Nipple Liniment.

Allen's Antibilious Pills.

Allnutt's Fruit Lozenges.

Alsana Extract.

Amboyna Lotion.

- Mouth Powder.

- Tooth Powder.

American Alterative Pills.

- Elixir.

- Salve.

- Soothing Syrup.

- Tincture.

Ammoniated Spirits of Lavender.

Andalusia Water.

Anderson's Scots Pills.

Angibaud's Blois Lozenges.

Anodyne Expectorant Lozenges.

- Necklace.

- Tincture for the Tooth-ache.

Antapoplectic Pills.

Anti-Acid Lozenges.

Anti-Arthritic Medicine.

Antibilious Elixir.

- Lozenges.

- Pills.

Antiscorbutic Drops.

- Lotion.

- Ointment.

- Pills.

- Wine.

Aperient Family Pills.

Appleby's Tea.

Arabian Balsam.

Arnold's Balsam of Coltsfoot.

- Drops.

- Pills.

Aromatic Lozenges of Steel.

- Salt of Vinegar.

Asarabacca Snuff.

Asiatic Bilious Pills.

- Tonic Tincture.

- Tooth Powder.

Athenian Dentrifice.

Atkin's Paragoric Pills.

- Tooth Paste.

Atkinson's Infant's Preservative.

Atterbury's Antibilious Pills.

- Octanguen Ointment.

Atwood's Herbaceous Corn Ointment.

Austin's Chalybeate Pills.

- Liniment.

Australian Chrysitis, or Golden Fluid.

Bacon's Antiscorbutic Drops.

Bailey's Ointment.

Baillie's Antibilious Pills.

Bainbridge's Cooling and Opening Pills.

- Ointment.

- Smelling Medicine.

Baker's Liniment.

- Tincture of Chirayita.

Balm of Gilead.

- Mecca.

- Quito.

- Rakasiri.

Balsam of Aniseed.

- Coltsfoot.

- Honey.

- Horehound.

- Iceland Liverwort.

- Liquorice.

- Lungwort.

Balsamic Lozenges.

Bandana Lotion.

- Tooth Powder.

Banister's Chilblain Lotion.

- Drops.

- Pills.

- Plums.

Barclay's Antibilious Bills.

- Asthmatic Candy.

- Bathing Spirits.

- Ointment.

- Tincture.

- Tooth Powder.

Barclay's (Miss) Antibilious Bills.

- (Rev. Mr.) Pills.

Barlow's Specific Medicine.

Barrett's Eye Ointment.

Barton's Alterative Pomade.

- Vital Wine.

Basilic Nuts for Worms.

Bateman's Golden Spirits of Scurvy Grass.

- Plain Spirits of Ditto.

- Pectoral Drops.

Bath Improved Seidlitz Powders.

- Stomachic Digestive Pills.

Bath's Restorative Pills.

Bathing Spirits.

Batley's Essence of Malt.

Bayes's Pectoral Pills.

Bayley's British Tooth Powder.

- Gout Pills.

- Ointment.

- Pectoral Pills.

Beaseley's Family Plaster.

- Heartburn Lozenges.

Beastson's Cough Pills.

Beaume de Vie.

Beddome's Powders.

Beiker's Tincture.

Bell's Aperient Pills.

- Balsamic Syrup.

- Family Plaster.

- Restorative Pills.

Bengal Dieuretic Pills.

- Purgative Antibilious Pills.

- Stomachic Pills.

Bennet's Worm Powders.

Bennett's Cough Drops.

- Lotion.

Benzoin, Essence of.

Berry's Bilious Pills.

Betton's British Oil.

Bigg's Antibilious Pills.

- Stomachic Pills.

Bilious Pills.

Birch's Dinner Pills.

- Stomachic Pills.

Bird's Ague Tincture.

Birt's Martial Balsam.

Blair's Alsana Extract.

- Cephalic Fluid.

- Tooth Powder

Blake's Antibilious Pills.

Blandford's Aperient Family Pills.

- Cough Lozenges.

Blenkinsop's Bilious Pills.

Blois Lozenges.

Bloom of Ninon.

Boerhaave's Antiscorbutic Wine.

- Red Pill.

Bolderson's Worm Cakes.

Bollman's Specific.

Bolton's Asthmatic Tincture.

Bond's Alterative Pills.

- American Drops.

- Cough Drops.

Bosom Friend.

Bostock's Cordial.

- Elixir.

Bott's Corn Salve.

- Golden Salve.

- Tincture.

- Tooth Powder.

Bourne's Æthereal Essence.

Bowler's Stomach Pills.

Box's Chemical Drops.

- Magnesia Lozenges.

- Sulphur Lozenges.

Brabham's Rheumatic Oil.

Bradley's Cephalic Snuff.

Braithwaite's Black Drops.

Brand's Cooling Antibilious Pills.

Brandon's Composition, or Medicine for the Evil and Scrophula.

Brazil Salts.

Bridge's Family Pills.

Brigg's Antibilious Pills.

British Corn Salve.

- Itch Ointment.

- Oil.

Brodum's Botanic Pills.

- Botanical Syrup.

- Nervous Cordial.

Brown's British Pills.

- Ointment.

- Rheumatic Powders.

- Tincture of Bark.

Brukes's Ophthalmic Ointment.

Brunswick Corn Plaster.

Brussels Tincture.

Bryant's Essence of Coltsfoot.

Buchan's Antibilious Pills.

- Cough Pills.

- Diuretic Pills.

- Female Pills.

- Restorative Pills.

- Stomachic Pills.

Buchu Leaves, Essence of.

Bunion Plaster.

- Salve.

Burchell's Anodyne Necklaces.

- Sugar Plums for Worms.

Burridge's Specific for Rheumatic Gout and Rheumatism.

Burrow's Essence of Copaiva and Cubebs.

Butler's Aromatic Vinegar.

- Astringent Tincture.

- Balsamic Lozenges.

- Bitter Tincture.

Butler's Cardine Tincture of Rhubarb.

- Cayenne Lozenges.

- Compound Tincture of Pomegranate.

- Cooling Aperient Powders.

- Corn Salve.

- Digestive Dinner Pills.

- Expectorant Pills.

- Fluid Extract of Sarsaparilla.

- of Senna.

- Pectoral Elixir.

- Quinine Lozenges.

- Rhubarb and Ginger Pills.

- Stomachic Candy.

- Tooth Powder.

Byron's Pills.

Bythell's Pectoral Lozenges.

Cajeput Opodeldoc.

- Liniment.

Camphor, Æthereal Essence of.

Carpenter's Embrocation.

- Friend-in-Need Ointment.

- Vegetable Specific.

Carrington's Life Pills.

Catharmian Water.

Cathcart's Edinburgh Ointment.

- Water.

Cephalic Snuff.

Ceylon Exotic.

- Lotion.

Chamberlain's Ointment.

- Restorative Pills.

Chancellor's Pills.

Chapman's Cerate.

- Chilblain Water.

Cheltenham Salts.

Chemical Opodeldoc.

Chilblain Liniment.

- Lotion.

- Water.

Ching's Worm Lozenges.

Chinner's Pills.

Chisholm's Chilblain Liniment.

Church's Anodyne Essence.

- Antispasmodic Elixir.

- Chilblain Ointment.

- Cough Drops.

- Eye Salve.

- Pectoral Elixir.

- Volatile Tincture.

Clarke's Antibilious Pills.

- Bathing Spirits.

- Digestive Pills.

- Florida Electuary.

- Harrowgate Salts.

- Ointment.

Clerval's Syrup.

Clinton's Oil for Deafness.

- Snuff.

Clyde's Balsam.

- Ointment.

Coates's Cough Drops.

Cocking's Cough Lozenges.

Cockle's Antibilious Pills.

- Diuretic Pills.

- Pectoral Pills.

- Remedy for Consumption.

- Tonic Pills.

Cocks's Female Pills.

Colley's Chemical Liquid for Warts.

- Corn Liquid.

Collier's Assistant Pills.

- Ointment.

- Remedy for Fistula and Piles.

Collins's Cephalic Snuff.

Collis's Antibilious Pills.

Coltsfoot, Balsam of.

- Essence of.

- Lozenges.

Complin's Specific.

Congreve's Balsamic Elixir.

Cooke's Black Drops.

- Family Pills.

- Rheumatic Pills.

- Tonic Pills.

Coombs's Antibilious Pills.

Cooper's Arthritic Liniment

- Sugar Plums.

Cordial Balm of Gilead.

- Rakasiri.

Corn Liquid.

- Plaster.

- Salve.

Cornwall's Fruit Lozenges

- Opodeldoc.

- Oriental Cordial.

Costello's Cerate.

- Collyrium.

- Liniment.

Cottier's Resolving and Healing Plaster.

Cough Drops.

- Electuaries.

- Lozenges.

- Pills.

Cox's Charcoal Tooth Powder.

- Tincture.

Coxwell's Castor Oil Medicine.

Crake's Antibilious Pills.

Cramer's Pectoral Lozenges.

Cramp's Antibilious Pills.

- Camphorated Dentifrice.

Cross's Cough Pills.

Cuff's Acid Cayenne Lozenges.

- Farmer's Friend.

Cullen's Scarlet Pills.

Culpepper's Herb Cordial.

Cumber's Family Friend.

Cundell's Balsam of Honey.

Curtis's Syrup.

Daffy's Elixir.

Dalby's Carminative.

Dalmahoy's Sel Poignant.

- Tasteless Salts.

Date's Pills.

Darwin's Cephalic Snuff.

Davison's Worm Cakes.

Dawson's Bath Lozenges.

- Fruit Ditto.

Day's Anti-Asthmatic Mixture.

Debraw's Asiatic Tooth Powder.

Deering's Drops.

Delcroix's Vegetable Tooth Powder.

Delescot's Myrtle Opiate.

Denrner's Corn Plaster.

Dennis's Family Pills.

Derbyshire's Embrocation.

De Velno's Pills.

- Syrup.

Devereaux's Kalydor.

Dicey's Bathing Spirits.

- British Oil.

Dickenson's Cephalic Drops.

- Drops for Fits.

- Red Drops.

- White Drops.

Digestive Dinner Pills.

- Bicarbonate Lozenges.

Dillon's Corn Salve.

Dixon's Antibilious Pills.

Dize's Squill and Poppy Lozenges.

Domestic Plaster.

Donavan's American Vegetable Syrup.

Doranstorff's Opodeldoc.

Dredge's Heal-All.

Durlacher's Lotion.

- Plaster.

Dutch Drops.

Earl's Remedy for the Hooping Cough.

Eau Medicinal (Befort's.)

- de Husson.

Edge's Botanic Tooth Powder

- Blister Essence.

- Cerate.

- Embrocation.

Edinburgh Lotion.

- Lozenges.

- Ointment.

Edwards's Ague Drops.

- Tincture.

- Balsamic Pills.

- Globular Nipple Cases.

- Nipple Ointment.

Efflorescence of Cheltenham Salts.

Elixir of Longevity, or Swedish Preservative.

Elliott's Cordial.

- Pills.

- Tincture.

- Worm Lozenges.

Ellis's Aperient Pills.

Essence of Benzoin.

- Buchu Leaves.

Essence of Camomile.

- Coltsfoot.

- Copaiva and Cubebs.

- Cubebs and Sarsaparilla.

- Garlick.

- Ginger and Camomile.

- Horehound.

- Horseradish.

- Ipecacuanha.

- Kayou Pouti.

- Liquorice.

- Malt.

- Mustard.

- Pellitory.

- Squills.

- Tolu.

- Water Dock.

Eupathick Embrocation.

European Tooth Powder.

Ewbank's Pills.

Expectorant, or Expectorating Drops.

- Lozenges.

- Pills.

Eye Snuff.

Falck's Cerate.

- Universal Pills.

Family Pills.

- Plaster.

- Salve.

Farinella's Compound.

Farnier's Anti Ophthalmic Pomatum.

Felton's Mucilage of Marsh Mallows.

Fenn's Embrocation.

Field's Solution of Ivy Leaf.

Findon's Drops.

Fisher's Golden Snuff.

- Stramonium.

- Tincture.

- Tooth Powder.

Flexney's Liquid.

- Wart Dissolvent.

Flint's Friendly Oils.

Florida Electuary.

Fogoni's Tincture.

Forbes's Lozenges.

Ford's Balsam of Horehound.

Fordyce's Cooling Opening Pills.

Foreign Medicines of all kinds, except Drugs.

Foster's Effervescing Cheltenham Salts.

- Embrocation.

Fothergill's Female Pills.

- Nervous Drops.

- Pectoral Pills.

- Restorative Drops.

Fox's Specific.

- Ointment.

Franck's Grains of Health.

Fraser's Antibilious Pills.

- Sea Weed Powder.

Fraunce's Elixir.

Freake's Antibilious Pills.

- Asthmatic or Cough Pills.

- Pile Pills.

- Tincture of Bark.

Freeman's Bathing Spirits.

- Eye Water.

- Gutta Salutaris.

- Ointment.

Friend-in-Need Ointment.

- to Man.

Frith's Antibilious Elixir.

Froud's Hepatic Pills.

Fry's Worm Pills.

Gall's Antibilious Pills.

- Live-Long Lozenges.

- Nipple Liniment.

Gamble's Aromatic Snuff.

- Sanative Tea.

Garaveni's Styptic.

Gardener's Ointment.

- Pills.

Gardiner's Worm Pills.

Gardner's Pills.

- Plaster.

Garret's Snuff.

Garside's Elixir.

- Pills.

Gaskell's Eye Snuff.

Gaudin's Arabic Lozenges.

German Corn Plaster.

- Salve.

Gifford's Antibilious Pills.

- Fruit Lozenges.

Gilbert's Analeptic Pills.

- Antiscorbutic Drops.

- Carminative.

- Family Pills.

- Nervous Cordial.

- Pectoral Tincture.

- Roseate Lotion.

Gingerbread Worm Cakes.

Glass's Calcined Magnesia.

Godbold's Vegetable Balsam.

- Pills.

Godden's Eye Ointment.

Godfrey's Cordial.

- Purging Salts.

Golden Eye Ointment.

- Pills.

Goldham's Eye Water.

Gordon's Pills.

Gould's Lotion.

- Powders.

Gout Cordials.

- Drops.

- Pills.

- Specifics.

- Tinctures.

Gowland's Lotion.

Graham's Absorbent Tincture.

- Alkaline Solution.

- Alterative Pills.

- Antispasmodic Powder.

- Detergent Powder.

- Solution Morphia.

Grand Specific, or Infallible Antidote to Consumptions.

Grange's Family Pills.

Granger's Antibilious Pills.

- Tooth Powder.

- Worm Powder.

Grant's Drops.

- Lisbon Tonic Pills.

Grecian Compound.

Greenough's Black Tincture.

- Red Tincture.

- Tolu Lozenges.

Green's Antiscorbutic Drops.

- Aperient Family Pills.

- Cancer Balsam.

- Powder.

- Honey Lozenges.

- Oil, or Infallible Oil.

- Tooth-ache Pills.

Green Sickness Powder.

Grey's Lozenges.

- Tooth Powder.

Griffin's Tincture.

Grimston's Eye Snuff

Grindle's Cough Drops.

Grubb's Fryar's Drops.

Guest's Lotion.

- Pills.

- Powders.

- Tooth Powder.

- Welcome Guest.

Guestonian Lotion.

- Pills.

Hadley's Convulsion Powder.

Hadfield's Tincture, or Manchester Oil.

Hæmorrhoid, or Pile Pills.

Haarlem Drops.

Haffenden's Balsamic Tincture.

Hall's Digestive Pills.

- Jubilee Medicine.

Hallam's Anima of Quassia.

- Antibilious Pills.

- Pills.

- Quassia.

Hallows's Antibilious Pills.

- Cough Pills.

- Diuretic Pills.

- London Cough Lozenges.

- Liniment.

- Female Pills.

- Quinine, or Tonic Pills.

- Tooth Ache Tincture.

Hamilton's Asthmatic Effluvia.

- Cinnamon Drops.

Hamilton's Corn Salve.

- Vegetable Balsamic Tincture.

Handy's Worm Cakes.

Hannay's Wash.

Harmstrong's Bitters.

- Female Pills.

- Strengthening Pills.

- Vegetable Pills.

Harrison's Aperient Family Pills.

- Family Salve.

- Pile Lozenges.

Harrowgate Salts.

Harvey's Anti-venereal Pills.

- Family Pills.

- Grand Restorative Drops.

- Tincture.

Hatfield's Tincture.

Hayman's Maredant's Drops.

Hayward's Anti-Acid Lozenges.

- Samaritan Water.

- Stomachic Lozenges.

- Tincture.

- Tolu Lozenges.


Hemet's Essence of Pearl.

- Pearl Dentifrice.

Heartburn Lozenges.

Heath's Essence of Pennyroyal.

- Peppermint.

- Sedative.

Heathcote's Anti-Rheumatic Powder.

Heming's Pine-bud Lozenges.

Henry's Aromatic Spirits of Vinegar.

- Calcined Magnesia.

Hasketh's (Lady) Dinner Pills.

Hewitt's Analambanic Pills.

Hickman's Cough Drops.

- Pills.

Hill's Antiscorbutic Salve.

- Asthmatic Troaches.

- Balsam of Honey.

- Antiscorbutic Mixture.

- Bardana Tincture.

- Canada Balsam.

- Essence of Water Dock.

- Gout Essence.

- Lithontriptic Pills.

- Tincture of Centaury.

- Sage.

- Valerian.

Hinde's Drops.

- Powders.

Hingston's Cheltenham Salts.

Hoare's Cathartic Pills.

- Heal-All.

Hodson's Aromatic Nervine Tea.

- Imperial Oil.

- Persian Restorative.

- Syrup.

Holdsworth's Lozenges.

Hollingshead's Balsam.

Holmes's Pills.

Holt's Specific.

Hooper's Female Pills.

Hooping Cough Drops.

Hope's Cerate.

- Hectic Pills.

Horehound Balsam.

- Essence.

- Lozenges.

Hornbrook's Pectoral Drops.

Hornby's Brazil Salts.

Howard's Imperial Eye Water.

Howell's Powders for Epilepsy.

Howse's Anodyne Expectorant Lozenges.

Hubert's Roseate Powder.

Hudson's Botanic Tooth Powder.

- Tablets for the Worms.

- Tincture.

Hughes's Brussels Tincture.

- Corn Plaster.

- Essence of Quinine.

- Quinine Pills.

Hume's Dinner Pills.

Hungary Balsam for the Stone and Gravel.

Hunt's Expectorating Family Pills.

- Vegetable Lozenges.

Hunter's Elixir.

- Pills.

- Restorative.

Imperial Anodyne Opodeldoc.

Indian Tincture.

Indian Tooth Powder.

- Remedy for the Tooth-ache.

Infallible Restorative.

Infant's Preservative.

Inglish's Scots Pills.

Ipecacuanha, Essence of

- Lozenges.

Irvine's Fruit Lozenges.

Italian Bosom Friend.

Jackson's Asthmatic Candy.

- Corn Salve.

- Ointment.

- Tincture.

Jacobson's Cough Drops.

James's Analeptic Pills.

- Antibilious Pills.

- Fever Powder.

- Medicine for the Dropsy.

- Tin Powder for the Worms.

Jebb's Antibilious Pills.

- Aperient Pills.

- Elixir.

Jenkins's Salve.

Jesuits Drops.

Johnson's Cough Lozenges.

- Golden Ointment for the Eyes.

Johnston's Essence of Horehound.

Johntenocco's Tooth Powder.

Jones's Antibilious Pills.

- Compound Pills.

- Pectoral Pills.

- Liniment.

- Ointment.

- Rheumatic Tincture.

Jopling's Scorbutic Specific.

Jordan's Balm of Rakasiri.

Juniper's Essence of Pennyroyal.

- Peppermint.

Kearsley's Welch's Pills.

Keating's Cough Lozenges.

Keech's Cephalic Snuff.

Kemp's Gangrene Ointment.

Kennedy's Corn Plaster.

- Salve.

Keyser's Pills.

King's Antibilious Pills.

- Carbonated Dentifrice.

- Nipple Shields and Lotion.

- Odontalgic.

- Pectoral Lozenges.

- Stomach Medicine.

- Stomachic Candy.

Knight's Pills.

Knight & Davis's Digestive Stomach Pills.

- Fruit Tablets.

Labrow's Cerate.

Lambert's Asthmatic Balsam.

Lamert's Balsam.

Laming's Cheltenham Salts.

Lancashire Cough Pills.

Lancaster Black Drops.

Lane's Hæmacathartic Tincture.

Lardner's Charcoal Tooth Powder.

Larkworthy's Pills.

Larwell's Pills.

Lawrence's Rheumatic Powders.

Leake's Analeptic Drops.

- Cerate.

- Chilblain Water.

- Pills.

- Purifying Drops.

Leamington Salts.

Leathe's Lotion.

Lebrun's Jujubes.

Le Cour's Imperial Oil.

Lee's Lozenges.

- Pulmonic Tincture.

Lettsom's Antibilious Pills.

- Cough Pills.

- Essence of Bark.

- Ginger.

Lettuce Lozenges.

Lewis's Corn Salve.

- Powders.

- Rhatany Tooth Powder.

- Specific Pills.

- Tincture of Angustura Bark.

Light's Specific.

Lignum's Antiscorbutic Drops.

- Lotion.

- Ointment.

- Pills.

Liquid Shell for the Stone and Gravel.

Littel's Pills.

Lobb's Stomach Tincture.

Lockhart's Remedy for the Tooth-ache.

Lockyer's Essence of Ipecacuanha.

- Magnesia.

- Pills.

London Cough Lozenges.

Lord's Corn Salve.

Lorraine's Consumptive Pills.

Low's Balsam.

Lowndes's Hepatic, or Liver Pills.

Lowrie's Eye Water.

Lowther's Drops.

- Nervous Powders.

Lozenges, Aniseed.

- Benzoin.

- Burnt Sponge.

- Camomile.

- Camphor.

- Cardamom.

- Coltsfoot.

- Horehound.

- Ipecacuanha.

- Lettuce.

- Magnesia.

- Nitre.

- Opium.

- Paregoric.

- Poppy.

- Quinine.

- Rhubarb.

- Rhubarb and Ginger.

- Specific.

- Spermaceti.

- Squill.

- Steel.

- Sulphur.

- Tolu.

Lucas's Pure Drops of Life.

Luxton's Eye Lotion.

Luzatt's British Pills.

Lynch's Embrocation.

Machin's Antibilious Pills.

McHan's Dentifrice.

- Liniment.

Madden's Vegetable Essence.

Magnesia Lozenges.

- Tablets.

Malta Exotic.

Manchester Oil.

Mann's Approved Medicine.

- Cough Medicine.

Manning's Malta Exotic.

Mapson's Pills.

- Sanative Salve.

Maredant's Drops.

Marshall's Cerate.

- Collyrium.

- Heal-All.

- Wart Dissolvent.

Mason's Arabian Balsam.

- Ointment.

Matthews's Alterative Medicine.

- Chymical Tincture.

- Remedy for curing Fistula and Piles, without cutting or pain.

- Samaritan Restorative.

Maul's Snuff.

Mayersbach's Balsamic Mixture.

- Pills.

- Restorative Powders.

Mayne's Antibilious Pills.

Mead's Embrocation.

Medicinal Snuff.

Medley's Aromatic Herb Snuff.

- British Herb Tobacco.

Melksham Salts.

Merelli's Tincture.

Metallic Tractors.

Meyler's Pills.

Midgeley's Ointment.

Middleton's Cough Drops.

Military Drops.

Mill's Eye Water.

Miller's Antiscorbutic Drops.

- Lotion.

- Nervous Cordial.

Miller's Pills.

- Restorative Pills.

- Sugar Cakes for Worms.

- Worm Plums.

Millman's Itch Ointment.

Mollineux's Ointment.

- Smelling Medicine.

Mollonzoo's Corn Plaster.

Monprivatt's Indian Dentifrice.

- Lotion.

Moncey's Rheumatic Powders.

Morange's Medicated Silk.

Morris's Antibilious Pills.

- Brunswick Corn Plaster.

- Cough Drops.

Morson's Alkaline Digestive Lozenges.

- Quinine Pills.

Moseley's Rhubarb and Ginger Pills.

Moxon's Cough Pills.

- Magnesia Aperient.

Munn's Gangrene Oils.

Naylor's Corn Ointment.

Nesbitt's Nipple Liniment.

Newbery's Bilious Pills.

- Opodeldoc.

Newton's Restorative Tooth Powder.

Noakes's Æthereal Anodyne Opodeldoc.

- Aromatic Solution of Sulphate of Quinine.

Norman's Syrup.

Norris's Antibilious Pills.

- Chalybeate Pills.

- Fever Drops and Pills.

- Tonic Essence.

Norton's Maredant's Drops.

Odontalgic, or Essence of Horseradish.

- Elixir for Tooth-ache.

Oliver's Remedy for Consumption.

Oliverian Ointment for Piles.

Orme's Medicine.

Ormskirk Medicine.

Orange's Cerate.

- Cough Drops.

- Stomach Pills.

Oriental Tooth Powder.

- Vegetable Cordial.

Owen's Antibilious Pills.

- Pectoral Cough Pills.

Oxley's Essence of Ginger.

- Liquorice.

- Stomachic Tincture.

Oxymel of Stramonium.

Palmer's Laxative Pills.

- Neurotic Balsam.

Paraguay Lotion.

- Tooth Powder.

Paregoric Lozenges.

- Pills.

Paris Ointment.

Parkinson's Alsana Extract.

- Tooth Powder.

Parson's Hooping Cough Powders.

Paschall's Teething Remedy.

Pectoral Elixir.

- Essence of Coltsfoot.

- Balsam.

- Drops.

- Lozenges.

- Pills.

- Tinctures.

Pierson's Ointment.

Pellitory Root, Essence of.

Perkins s Metallic Tractors.

Perrin's Antibilious Pills.

- Balsam of Lungwort.

- Cough Pills.

- Powder for the Hooping Cough.

Perry's Essence.

- Tooth-preserving Snuff.

Peter's Pills.

- Tincture.

Phillips's Alterative and Digestive Pills.

- Fruit Lozenges.

Pidding's Balsam of Liquorice.

Pike's Ointment.

Pile Drops.

- Lozenges.

- Pills.

Pilulæ Antiscrophulæ.

Plumbe's Digestive Dinner Pills.

Pomade Divine.

- Royal.

Poor Man's Friend.

Potter's Pills.

Power's Fox Ointment.

Powell's Aperient Family Pills.

- Balsam of Aniseed.

- Camphor Liniment.

- Cough Electuary.

- Pills.

- Eye Salve.

- Pectoral Pills.

Price's Breast Salve.

- Ladies Ointment.

Prickett's Styptic.

Prince's Aromatic Camphor.

- Cherry Lotion.

- Dentition Syrup.

- Paste.

Pritchett's Vermifuge.

- Worm Powders.

Probatt's Oxford Lozenges.

Pullin's Antiscorbutic Pills.

- Female Pills.

- Purging Pills.

Purland's Antibilious Pills.

- Antiscorbutic Pills.

- Expectorating Pills.

- Female Cerate.

- Restorative Pills.

Pyman's Antibilious Pills.

Pyrmont Tablets.

Radcliffe's Purging Elixir.

- Rheumatic Tincture.

Ramsay's Anti Odontalgic.

- Bituminous Fluid.

- Pills.

- Caledonian Cream.

- Infant Restorative.

Ramsay's Pectoral Balsam.

- Spice Nuts for Worm.

Randall's Essence of Ginger.

- Domestic Medicine.

- Nervous Lozenges.

Ratcliff's Gout Tincture.

Payment's Black Salve.

Ree's Essence of Cubebs and Sarsaparilla.

Refined British Oil.

Relfe's Nipple Ointment.

Renou's Acetonic Powders.

- Aperient Alterative Pills.

- Urethric. Powders.

Reynolds's Gout Specific.

Rhatany Tooth Powder.

Rheumatic Pills.

- Powders.

- Tinctures.

Rhodes's Antibilious Pills.

- Gout Specific.

Richards's Bath Digestive Pills.

- Naphtha Liniment.

Richardson's Astringent Lozenges.

- British Corn Salve.

- Plaster.

Rick's Salutiferous Balsam.

Riga Balsam.

Ringwood's Corn Salve.

Robberds's Balsamic Elixir.

- Cough Drops.

Roberts's Antiscorbutic Drops

- Ointment.

- Pills.

- Antiscrofula Pills.

- Antivenereal Drops.

- Poor Man's Friend.

- Restorative Drops.

- Worm Sugar Plums.

Robertson's Vegetable Julep.

Roche's Embrocation.

Roe's English Coffee for Nervous Disorders.

Rogers's Antibilious Elixir.

- Antiscorbutic Pills.

Rook's Balsam.

Rose Nipple Liniment.

Rotterdam Bunion Solvent.

Rowland's Alsana Extract.

- Kalydor.

- Tooth Powder.

Ruspini's Elixir.

- Tincture.

Ruspini's Tooth Powder.

- Styptic.

Russian Bunion Plaster.

- Corn Plaster.

- Dentifrice.

Ryan's Essence of Coltsfoot.

Rymer's Cardiac and Nervous Tincture.

- Cinchona Dentifrice.

- Detergent Pills.

- Essence of Garlick.

- Pectoral Medicine.

- Tonic Pills.

St. Ange's Powder.

Salemi's Powder.

Salmon's Guttæ Vitæ.

Samaritan Restorative.

- Water.

Saul's Eye Drops.

Savage's Oils.

Saville's Ointment.

Savory's Absorbent Lozenges.

- Cheltenham Salts.

- Seidlitz Powders.

Sawyer's Bunion Plaster.

- Corn Plaster.

Scarborough Salts.

Scarlet's Pills.

Schneid's Liquid Dentifrice.

Schult's Vegetable Acid Air.

Scot's Bilious and Liver Pills.

Scott's Pills.

- Gout Pills.

Seddon's Lozenges.

Seidlitz Powders.

Seekamp's Heartburn Lozenges.

Senate's Steel Lozenges.

Setchfield's Ague Pills.

Severn's Ague Cakes.

Sharp's Cancer Drops.

Sharpe's Hepatic Pills.

Shaw's Gout Tincture.

- Itch Ointment.

- Tincture for the Tooth-ache.

Shee's Pills.

- Preventive Lotion.

- Specific Drops.

Shepherd's Antibilious Lozenges.

- Aromatic Steel Ditto.

- Camphor Lozenges.

- Digestive Bicarbonate Lozenges.

- Fruit Lozenges.

- Heartburn Ditto.

- Ipecacuanha Ditto.

Short's Croton Oil.

- Pills.

Sibley's Cooling Powders.

- Lunar Tincture.

- Solar Tincture.

Sigmond's Dentifrice.

- Preservative Lotion.

Simmond's Antiscorbutic Pills.

- Black Salve.

Simpson's Arabian Vegetable Pills.

Simson's Infallible Æthereal Tincture.

Singleton's Golden Ointment.

Skillett's Antibilious Pills.

Sloane's (Sir Hans) Pills.

Smart's Antibilious Pills.

- Ointment.

- Tincture of Cascarilla Bark.

Smellome's Ointment.

Smith's American Vegetable Liniment.

- Antibilious Pills.

- Antihectic Balsam.

- Cooling Pills.

- Drops.

- Hooping Cough Specific.

- Leamington Salts.

- Remedy for Deafness.

- Restorative Medicated Wine.

- Steel Pills.

Smyth's Drops.

- Family Pills.

- Restorative.

Snook's Antibilious Pills.

- Cough Pills.

- Family Pills.

Solander' Sanative Tea.

Soley's Essence of Squills.

Solomon's Abstergent Lotion.

- Anti Impetigenes.

Solomon's Balm of Gilead.

- Detergent Lotion.

Somerset Pile Remedy.

Sothern's Ague Powders.

Spain's Anodyne Restorative Oil.

Specific Convulsion Drops for the Yellow Fever.

- Remedy (by Wessels.)

- Tincture.

Speediman's Stomach Pills.

Spence's Dentifrice.

Spencer's Aperient Family Pills.

- Embrocation.

- Expectorant Pills.

Spilsbury's Antiscorbutic Drops.

- Compound Essence.

Spinluff's Aromatic Bilious Pills.

Squire's Elixir.

Squirrel's Tincture.

- Tonic Drops.

- Pills.

- Powders.

Stedman's Pile Drops.

Steedman's Nipple Protectors.

- Paregoric Pills.

- Rhubarb and Ginger Pills.

Steer's Camphorated Eye-Water.

- Camomile Drops.

- Convulsion Oil.

- Nitre Drops.

- Opodeldoc.

- Paregoric Lozenges.

- Purging Elixir.

- Solution of Myrrh.

Sterne's Balsamic Æther.

- Stomachic Tablets.

- Tincture of Gout Drops.

Stirling's Stomachic Pills.

Storey's Worm Cakes.

Stoughton's Bitters.

- Stomachic Elixir.

Stramonium, prepared Oxymel of.

Strickland's Balsam.

Stringer's Bilious Opening Bills.

- Essence of Myrrh.

- Myrrh Dentifrice.

- Paregoric Lozenges.

Style's Chocolate Lozenges.

Suhel's Pills for Piles.

Sulijus Female Restorative Wine.

Swedish Preservative, or Elixir of Longevity.

Swinfen's Anti-Acid.

- Electuary.

- Heartburn Lozenges.

- Ointment.

- Worm Sugar-Cakes.

Swiss Balsam.

- Ointment.

Sydenham's Family Pills.

Syrian Corn Plaster.

Tabor's Corn Plaster.

- Cough Lozenges.

- Ointment.

- White Dentifrice.

Tasteless Ague Drops.

- Fever Drops.

- Salts.

Taylor's Alterative Powders.

- Antispasmodic Pills.

- Powders for the Diseases of Children.

- Remedy for Deafness.

- Restorative Balsam for the Eyes.

Teeling's Antiscorbutic Ointment.

Thomas's Unguentum.

- Healing Plaster.

- Tolu Essence.

Thompson's Ague Tincture.

- Alkaline Salts.

- Cheltenham Ditto.

- Magnesian Ditto.

- Patent Medicinal Water.

Thorby's Ointment.

- Pills.

Tickell's Æther.

Tincture for the Teeth and Gums.

- Tooth-ache.

Tolu Antiscorbutic Drops.

- Essence.

- Lozenges.

Tissott's Nervous Cordial.

Tonic Wine.

Tooley's Cordial.

Tooth-ache Fluid.

- Pills.

- Tincture.

Tooth Powder, Amboyna.

- Asiatic.

- European.

- Paraguay.

- Rhatany.

- Royal.

Tower's Cough Tincture.

- Extract of Bark.

- Solution of Camphor.

- Stomachic Essence.

- Tonic Pills.

Tozer's Cough Pills.

- Odontalgic.

Trotter's Asiatic Tooth-Powder.

- Tincture for the Teeth.

Trowbridge, or Golden Pills.

Tuberosa Vitae, or Chilblain Water.

Turlington's Balsam.

Turner's Aperient Family Pills.

- Cough Drops.

Tyce's Antiscorbutic Drops.

- Ointment.

Vandour's Nervous Pills.

Van Swieten's Gout Cordial.

Vegetable African Tooth Powder.

- Embrocation.

- Tooth Powder.

Venable's Indian Syrup.

Venel's Antiscorbutic Vegetable Pills.

Verlander's Essex Pills.

Verral's Pills.

Vincent's Cough Pills.

- Restorative Tooth Powder.

Vin de Sequin.

Virginian Ointment.

Vital Balm.

Voltaire's Ointment.

Waite's Worm Nuts.

Walford's Pancreative Powders.

Walker's Family Pills.

- Jesuit's Drops.

- Specific Electuary.

- Remedy.

- Stomachic Wine.

Walkey's Tooth Powder.

Waller's Ointment.

Walsh's Antipertussis.

- Coltsfoot Lozenges.

- Ginger Seeds.

- Pills.

Ward's Dropsy Pills.

- Powders.

- Essence for the Head-ache.

- Liquid Sweat.

- Paste.

- Red Pills.

- Sack Drops.

- Sweating Powders.

- White Drops.

Ware's Asthmatic Drops.

Warren's Analeptic Pills.

- British Tooth Powder.

- Cooling Pills.

- Female Pills.

Wart Dissolvent.

Webb's African Pomatum.

Webster's Antibilious Pills.

- Diet Drink.

- Tincture.

Welch's Female Pills.

Wessel's Jesuit's Drops.

- Specific.

Wheatley's Fluid.

- Ointment.

Whitehead's Cerate.

- Essence of Horehound.

- Mustard.

Whitney's Lozenges.

Whittal's Black Drops.

Wile's Tooth-ache Pills.

Williams's Aperient Pills.

- Essence of Benzoin, or Pulmonic Drops.

- Spa Elixir, or Restorative Drops.

Willin's Herpetic Ointment.

Willis's Asthmatic Pills.

Willmott's Family Pills.

Wilson's Alterative Aperient Pills.

- Balsam of Life.

- Cough Drops.

- Gout Tincture.

- Powders.

Wiltshire Composition.

Winch's Cough Drops.

Wingate's Pills.

Winter's British Balsam.

- Pills.

Withers's Essence of Camomile.

Wood's Laxative Pills.

- Pectoral Balsam of Life.

Wording's Guttse Vitæ.

Worcester Gout Medicine.

Worm Cakes.

- Lozenges.

- Nuts.

- Pills.

- Plums.

- Powders.

- Tablets.

Worm Tea.

Wray's Ague Pills.

Wyman's Antibilious Pills.

- Rose Dentifrice.

Xavier's Consumptive Remedy.

- Nervous - - Ditto.

- Scrophulous - Ditto.

Yates's Antibilious Pills.

York Medicinal Preventive Lotion.

Young's Elixir.

Zimmerman's Stimulating Fluid.



:exclamationmark: - Collecting and researching Beef and Meat Extracts - in glass...:exclamationmark:

 Posted 8/18/2009 1:30:01 PM
Blue Hybrid

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i see flints favorite oils are on the list a buxton chemist
chelt original
 Posted 11/15/2009 3:25:34 PM
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cheers for that info, id love to see some of those bottles.



anything wanted from... cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Winchcombe, Gloucester, &  Stroud

 Posted 11/15/2009 6:11:54 PM
Blue Hybrid

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Posts: 1,869, Visits: 14,133's actually a well known list amongst early glass officionadoes, but you never know what you might find so thanks for putting it on, especially for guys who haven't seen it before.


Early Glass, it's unique, it's historic, it's an investment in craftmanship
 Posted 8/2/2013 12:26:52 AM
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:)rare north east items wanted:)malkey ring anytime telephone 0191 2221839:) have faith in me


NEWCASTLE NORTH EAST THE phoenix rises & ocean parts
 Posted 8/2/2013 8:09:44 AM
Blue Hybrid

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Thanks for bumping that up malkey; I might not have found it otherwise; very interesting:)


 Posted 8/2/2013 8:55:35 AM
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THANKS..A Great Reference....

Black Glass Apothecary Collector

 Posted 8/2/2013 9:11:02 AM
Blue Hybrid

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cheers :)mickeygee:)

one from the list with reminants of medicine & faint pontil cross hinged mould flared lip ,,,only example known





:)rare north east items wanted:)malkey ring anytime telephone 0191 2221839:) have faith in me


NEWCASTLE NORTH EAST THE phoenix rises & ocean parts

 Posted 8/3/2013 8:58:09 PM
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Looks cold up there Malkey.

Thanks for the bump as mentioned, I missed this the first time round.

Still after the best swirly inks.

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