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Bottledigging UK

i take it this bottle is commonly found and holds no value

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' . .. ] >? -0.2073184 148.04h 16 OZ MINT SHAPE THINK ITS A LEWS AND TOWER NOT SURE THO 1950 1E6xmO 1f43Jk 1mFA06 2GgEyU 2lows0 2OaiZ 2oz 2y5Kr 3 3a 3aTim 3RThPA 3Vofp 49H0Ix 5PXlg 6 inches wide (shame about the chip) 6oz Matlock's Deeks & Rare James Lewis Miniature 71Xe3 75y 8 86I3h 8urfd 8YfPd 9Y7x4 a few scarb pics al A3OsXv A6GPt3 A9mmHH Absolute stunnng Hammy Mate Acme Reliance Ad-le-burg ajuJR all ALWAYS 2 GERMAN COLLECTORS CAMPED OUT IN TENT Always interested in anything from Wokingham Amber Lipped Amber Lipped Codd AND THE BEST HOME MADE CAKE EVER any info would be gratefull. anyone have some Darlington GB's stuck in their sheds ? anyone know what the thing on the left is? AqIQt Aqua Thick Glass Jams AUSTRALIAN BOTTLES Australian pottery b B6BhxU Bal & Co barrel BASINGSTOKE Batey BBC BBR BDdhH beautiful bottle Bedford berkshire Berkshire Ginger Beers Bermuda BET THAT WAS A "FORKING" NUISANCE EH!!!! Betts bifRbO bKrUbD Black glass Blanchflower bletchley bottles Blue top book BOTTLE bottle cleaning machine video bottle digging bottle meets bottle tops bottles BpB2zv BPY6z brewing history Brighton Britannia Fruit Preserve Co Ltd Britannia Fruit Preserving Co British Bottle Review broken stuff brothers brovon poison bottle buck's club burst lip BUT!!! ALL PEOPLE CAN EXPECT IS MORE FERKIN SHIT c4fg0P Cafe name can anyone add to this can this be repaired Cardiff carmarthen case gin case gins castleford caviare chambers bermondsey london codd cheeky git tell me where this car park is babbie CHEERS MARK Cheers Mark your a star mate Cheltenham Cheltenham brewery chester platt Chines Ginger Jars classic CNj8Qb co Coal Exchange Codd competitions COR!!! NO SHOVEL MARK CORKED corked. 1950 cornwall courier coventry collection for sale crewe CROWLEY &CO Crown Perfumery cTWCu Culley cutter D daddies database dating deepee52 Derby digging partner digmint DIMBOOLA displays diving does that mean anything to anyone dolls DoR5o dug this yesterday miniture warners dug this last weekend anybody came a cross this before. On it says Jubilee 1887 with a picture of 2 hands with glasses in them and below that it says long live the queen. Dumps durham dUziNr e6lg8 early glass Early Stoneware early.pictorial bradford flask eb1EI EbjoAk eggbottles Eiffel Tower Ely embossed Essex essex epping etched Excellent recollection Sir farm treasures FERK ME IAN FfT3B figural Flagon flagons Flanged Burgess lid Fleet & Co Walworth flower Forum Rules frank myatt wolverhampton. Free membership? Barnsley in premier? There was an old 60's song by Johnny Burnette called Dreaming. Guess that applies to both of you!!! full GETS YOURS WITH A CUPPA IN THE TEA ROOM ginger beer ginger beers gingers gingers/codds/inks etc glaciarium Gladstone glass GnLUM got this today after speaking to a collector local to this company GpC5e great central GREAT TO DIG A VALVE CODD THERE NOT THAT COMMON IN THE UK TO DIG THE LAST ONE I HAD WAS 18 YEARS AGO Green H HA HA!! GOT A REALLY NICE SHAPED AQUA HAIR TONIC FOR YOU AS A " FREEBIE" MATE Hamburg Hamilton hamiltons Hampshire flagon Hard to find Black print pot have you managed to view it he Help help bottle dump oxford here are the first two HERE`S THE REPRO STUFF. SCARY WHAT THEY CAN DO NOW! Here's the details Poacher in case you forgot !! heres the other margraves sign they did hermes hexagonal Hi Alan it looks like its going to be a great show Hi any idea how old west drayton tip is please as will have to travel 140 miles cheers. Hi.Do you have this lid in the book robbie? hock Holbrook Hope I have uploaded photos correctly? Mike HQdMKG HUGE LECKY BILL hungerford I I COLLECTED A CORNISH FLAGON FROM HERE IN HAMPSHIRE (COLLECTION ONLY ) & POSTED TO A WELL PLEASED CORNISH COLLECTOR AS IT WAS FROM HIS HOME TOWN I COLLECTED A CORNWALL ONE FROM HERE IN HAMPSHIRE I definitely second that well said Gail I have had to buy more display shelves but not had time to do them up I HOPE THATS A HIDDEN CONCRETE SUPPORT IN THE CENTRE!!!!! I MOVED RUSS OF ABC MAG i take it this bottle is commonly found and holds no value I think the Wallingford Brewery only produced Galtee More gingers?. i1SGi0 Id0GI Ii8cNI IKiuXn iLsZ4 Images of Briddon flask. There is a refrence number (collector? museum? inked on the base. 73.1699 info ink Ink Bottle ink morrell Ink2q INSIDE PUBLIC ENTRANCE AT THE NATIONAL AL Interesting that the Warners patent has an Edwards patent top on it. Thanks again Alan for posting all this on here Ipad Irish Whisky Bottle is that thin round fat lip Jar still available in the last picture to the left of the Carricks Cream Pot? is this pontilled rob got a pontilled version of this somewhere has the marmalade cleaned up well Is this real says 30 to 40k crazy bottle omg it's a fascinating thread. j55aH JNpKce John Simms john's colection enjoy jt7p2u junk JUST FERKIN GREAT PICCY JUST LOVE HOW YOU HAVE SPLIT THE WORDS jvjgIT JXrF2 k Kay brothers kerocene cooker KHSIe kilner kings lynn kQ7jmb Kqc47 ktOym kYydpn Kzujz l Leeds Lewes LEWIS Lichfield lIerN llanelly LLanelly Buckley's Brewery locals LOL KIDING ) London long way from home Looking for Wokingham bottles Loulondon Love it Alan got some nice Cornish skittles to swop! love the mallinsons ipswich water jug. never seen one before... is it for sale ? lrn4zA ls9PQc LUCOZADE ludford lumb LW9GKF lysol machine made by Myatt Pottery Bilston... mAKkxr Mander Bros Wolverhampton margetts margetts bottle Marmalades Martins me and the mrs has just signed your petition....thanks for doing this andy / staggy. Meat Paste medicine medicines Melsom messaged you on fb mate MgSL6 MH3Qge michelin military Mineral minerals modified codds on flea bay more bottles More crap on Ebay more of my collection MOTHER GREBE AND HER BABBIES mrPUc mullurk babbie get it back to the bottom of the sea mUNNiU MWG9n my australian codd collection my coloured internal thread bottle in collection my first warners dug last week closely followed by a second a few days later. mYvGH n the bottom is P&R B N4dOSt nash NeF4a New local pottery pieces New to the forum New venue new venue for June 2014 Nfcvd8 nhcCof nice bottles there from a late tip nice chemist bottles Nice quarter size flagon nice suprise my first saxon super condition nlXJd4 NMduR no damage.. open to offers .. north NORTH FOLK BOTTLE BOTTLE not many been dug in NZ Not much support there then if that is all it can manage now sold NOW THAT IS A FINE SELECTION OF EARLY CODD'S MANY THANKS FOR SHOWING US THESE FINE GEM'S nvlR2 ob OH!! CHEERS CYRIL OH!! GAZ NEVER MIND. GREAT FIND / BOTTLE ESP. FOR THE IRISH BOY OH!! GREAT PICTURE CYRIL BUT WOULD IT HAVE HELPED JOHNNY HARRIS?? ON A FIND PECKS JAR only dug broken ones over here in pits ONLY TRYING TO HELP OOHHH!!!!! MALKY open to offer Ornament Bottle Drinker OSLaqO OT0sZ OXFORDSHIRE packaging paint gingers for fun paisley Patent Pcrvuq pecks pensnett aerated water works Photos Picked this up with job lot of bric a brac at local auction today has anyone seen another of this as do not know if common or scare any info would be appreciated many thanks Pictures pipes poison POISONS pOkYrg pOl5Fb polisher pontil porters porter's welsh postage Pot Pot Lid Pot lid bases wanted..large to small sizes 30p ///50p each pot lids Prattware pre 1870 bottle references proprietary Pull the trigger pure mullurk babbie see at the weekend pup PVMY6f PVtTt pZwA4K q qdgsu6 qIX5qv quack doctor thoam evans corona qytgjU railway RaOWcg read RFaZiZ rg1pg Rob1 rolling pin RP Culley Rules rWAz8 Rx2VJ S s FOR £7.91 S ABOUT TIME I BROUGHT THIS FORWARD AGAIN s blurred but you get the idea. s never heard of it S50Rxf s7a0B salt test bottle Saltglaze flask saturday auction catalogue saunders SCGte Scotland SCRIMSHAW SPERM WHALE TOOTH Se9b8m sealed Secret tip SEE Separate with a comma. Maximum of 5 tags. signs sJgBW2 Small indent to lip snail SNAP... THANKS JOHHNY FOR THE OTHER BLACK GLASS JAMES COX...BEEN AFTER ONE FOR AGES Snsf4 SO WHO WILL LEAD US ??? WELL MARK & NAT THE FORUM VOTES FOR YOU SO WHO WILL LEAD US??? JUST LOVE YOUR GREAT INPUT TO THIS SUBJECT MARKY some more codds sorbiline South Wales southport soxVMo spiders in my bottle collection Spirit Flask sRS3p Starkey steam engine stevenson stone ginger stoneware Stoneware Marmaldes stopper stoppers stoppers for 'Ross & co' & STEPHEN NICHOLSON'(bILLY ROW) bottles stouts stuff dug in the NE Sunshine & showers all day. Was like being in Manchester lol. Superb Hybrid and to be the only known one to dat makes it a bit special superb mate Sussex Swansea Swap t t29QZe t43DF t8825 Taff Vale Bottling Stores Aberdare Taff Vale Bottly Stores Aberdare tea leaf genius... Terms & Conditions Thank you Guru. Your opinion is highly respected and I go along with it. What kind of radiation do they use? Thanks Thanks for Thanks for the comments Al. You are not alone with your comments about the grumpy old man in the cafe. He has upset most of the staff at the community centre including me. I will be uploading my Youtube picture show soon so watch this space. It does take Thanks for the snapshot Curator that tents george spencers i watched him n ginge put it up thats a nice one jacko u still got it mate Thats di thats the same bottle as mine The Bailey and Cruickshank are for sale. The Miller has sold The one on the right could be there???? There you go this is no2 sorry it Tidy bottles Matt.......especially the porter. tippers tIvVqK Tlfdvy toerpedos TOMORROW MORNING too busy keeping this lot clean! Tops Torpedo TOWERS TsWNyb TtiDvI ttle cleaning here is the link the guys name is ronnie great vidio Tumbling two pint green warners u3esm Uffculme ugb Unlisted Unopened Codd Unopened Codds UP FROM CORNWALL TO BOURNEMOUTH . UPS (PARCEL DELIVERIES) VIA PARCEL 2 GO NOW DO NEXT DAY DELIVERY UP TO 20kg value vaLVJ varieties Very nice john ..hope mine does well as well VICTORIA VICTORIA BREWERY VSTl2J vwr8T W. Furze w2AKx W2T5b W3sHu Wadsworth Wakefield and district bottle meeting this Wednesday 7.30 onwards at the Bingley arms Horbury Bridge. All welcome! wales Wanted Wanted William Hill Llandudno Soda Syphon. WBVZje We wejVHM weldone.Andy WELL I THOUGHT IT welsh Westcliff Which firm is it from ? White Stone Churns WILL BRING IT WITH ME wintle with regards to gas bottles wondered would it be possible to bring a petrol camping stove or possibly a throw away BBQ placed on a paving slab to prevent any damage as i need my cuppa and bacon sarnies Regards Dave B Wokingham bottles and items of interest always wanted. Wokingham bottles wanted wolverhampton wow !!! ww2 X x5cA0 Xeyc4 XgDAWy XM1uy xyTIT Yes it was a virus YGz4Xo yiDIn YNmopd Yorkshire bottles YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE yrBKP yril z YOU ALL THERE zbDRfm ziE1r ZwknM

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