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Betts bf63y bfBBcx bfkZ9 bFN9c bFueNl bgAv8T bhpqSr bifRbO BIPjZJ BIxYO8 BkrL7 bKrUbD BkRuNn Black glass Blanchflower bletchley bottles Bltjvd Blue top BmnSr7 BmQxN BNa8A book BOTTLE bottle cleaning machine video bottle digging bottle meets bottle tops bottles BpB2zv BPY6z bqDOY Bqlty BQVf6 BR0rV bR6NM brewing history Brighton Britannia Fruit Preserve Co Ltd Britannia Fruit Preserving Co British Bottle Review broken stuff brothers brovon poison bottle bRSSd bSCUMP bszU4 buck's club bUEHw2 burst lip BUT!!! ALL PEOPLE CAN EXPECT IS MORE FERKIN SHIT bUYHE bWjS8 bXMzT BYs5z BySeVY BzdnFD C1SsH C2qWV C3Ev9O c3xDx c4fg0P c7AdT6 c7Zlc Cafe name can anyone add to this can this be repaired Cardiff carmarthen case gin case gins castleford caviare Cbwi8 cCkSkb Cd5D7 CD8GL CdBbwD cDD2gM cdea1A cDlJv cdQ0ib CDVSJw Cepji8 CfGma chambers bermondsey london codd cheeky git tell me where this car park is babbie CHEERS MARK Cheers Mark your a star mate Cheltenham Cheltenham brewery chester platt Chines Ginger Jars CJIlD CJIUg ckiq4 classic CmH6dX CNj8Qb cnw6n co Co1wT Coal Exchange Codd competitions Coqk31 COR!!! NO SHOVEL MARK CORKED corked. 1950 cornwall courier coventry collection for sale Cp4pD CPfcx CpNxFV cq36i Cq6nWE Cr9OL crewe CROWLEY &CO Crown Perfumery CRSEZ cSNDD ctqIvL cTWCu Cue7d Culley cutter cWr94 CwrW9 cWspen cwSu43 cxdnCm cXGIc Cxxooy cyElt D d0Fl9 d22kOQ d3SiTR d70Haf d7kpF D8Yf8M D9Sug da5gC daddies DaGyrs daLmi4 database dating dcS6Q DeEa6 deepee52 DePmCq Derby dewi4 df645 dfmDSe DgHvV dgMrY DgWp76 dhiOI dhlhO Di6tk5 digging partner digmint DIMBOOLA DinIG4 displays diving dJqePj DkK0v DktL4P dkUDF7 dLEJJ dNMfsC does that mean anything to anyone dolls DoR5o DoUG6c dP1VQs dPsgP dpUmq DqpaGa DR5z5X DRDaTt drKMy DsiHS DSXQK DsyvGw du0cS du481m dug this yesterday miniture warners dug this last weekend anybody came a cross this before. On it says Jubilee 1887 with a picture of 2 hands with glasses in them and below that it says long live the queen. Dumps durham dUziNr dVhfte dVWVx dWFUa dwYzI DXTCH DYctFp e00Ke e0CrFy e0mPx e1Pft e2tIG e3aVV e3eorV E3lkt0 E4fIo4 e51VC2 e5sJYc e5ytK9 e6lg8 E7rifw early glass Early Stoneware early.pictorial bradford flask EAUZA eb1EI EBc84O EbjoAk eBlGU ECRaDd ECTSF EdsBr edu1U eEB3sa EFWfQ Eg1Edz eggbottles eh8iA eHdbH6 ehk2f EHWOCX ei7NqL ei8y0 Eiffel Tower EIjgL0 eivhr ej9sjm eKGkv eKs5dp Ely embossed EmkLa En053 eN1nM EnozbW EO7Zp EOkloZ EonfAE EoRBs EPQHV eQdvw5 eqxu7h eRmtZ ERx1aT esNANi Essex essex epping etched ETvcg2 eUu6f EUuQO euZrW EvSuun eW0DyS eWLxRY Excellent recollection Sir excidf eXSxS EY8rT Ez3d3 EzdoJ EzT2X ezuyy1 EZvf2 f3Wpa F5mMjw F68J3 f74X0 f7tRcd f9sUg1 faG3uI farm treasures FAx1W FBCgzI fBD4RH FC85fb FDKRc fe9UG FERK ME IAN FfT3B Fi4DGQ fibczV figural fJ0PSs fjCcv FLAGON flagons Flanged Burgess lid Fleet & Co Walworth flEfBQ flLPU8 flower fLrXMz FnYtQl FnzIz FO85nt Forum Rules fPGCY fPrPBO fPVeq FqhYvZ fr3aiF frank myatt wolverhampton. Free membership? Barnsley in premier? There was an old 60's song by Johnny Burnette called Dreaming. Guess that applies to both of you!!! Fs1JB2 Fuc11 full fVYxf2 fwZTmj fzXAA g00EO g1k7Vv g31dZb g6LaFE G6rr8 g7thVZ G8sMEG gCWnxT GETS YOURS WITH A CUPPA IN THE TEA ROOM gfArqe gFehq gfF1G gFjy2 GgWC19 ghlEY ginger beer ginger beers gingers gingers/codds/inks etc GJnbg GKo06 glaciarium Gladstone glass GLDNj9 GLeqx glQDy gmRoc gmWs7 GnLUM Gnmec got this today after speaking to a collector local to this company GpC5e gpVoNg GqJGm great central GREAT TO DIG A VALVE CODD THERE NOT THAT COMMON IN THE UK TO DIG THE LAST ONE I HAD WAS 18 YEARS AGO Green GrNxF GrVwlz gsYple gszFL gTF2v9 GUW7z Gvjdat gWGkN5 gwYq9B GxbboW gY0R6v GymZV gZGNKj GzNYw3 H H0GC7N h0ho7 H2QBk h2S54 H3C03 h3V3c7 h3zVB6 h51uN H5ian3 H7uIGB h9ILW HA HA!! GOT A REALLY NICE SHAPED AQUA HAIR TONIC FOR YOU AS A " FREEBIE" MATE Hamburg Hamilton hamiltons Hampshire flagon Hard to find Black print pot have you managed to view it HbLgON hBqRA HcheZX HcUgf HcYsj hdOAF hduQp he He42Z HeEWOW HeIepC HEJYH Help help bottle dump oxford heM5s here are the first two HERE`S THE REPRO STUFF. SCARY WHAT THEY CAN DO NOW! Here's the details Poacher in case you forgot !! heres the other margraves sign they did hERLA hermes hevFf hexagonal hf7giB HfG0Ma Hfqcd HGrXo HHnl83 HhwMB Hi Alan it looks like its going to be a great show Hi any idea how old west drayton tip is please as will have to travel 140 miles cheers. Hi.Do you have this lid in the book robbie? HjQIk HlnM1 hlpYpl HM7GH HMawzX hock hoFya5 Holbrook Hope I have uploaded photos correctly? Mike HPblj hPiG8 hpLKk HptKo HQdMKG HQFuP HqmAI HQYB6 HRknQ6 hrQhA hsbPZ4 HT86zn HUGE LECKY BILL hUJUVu hungerford huOEoO HvHbx7 hw9br8 HwOb7 HXDmw HXetrz HXtGQ hY8Q0 hYa9oL hyE6g hYnR0J hyWW0 hzjGW I I COLLECTED A CORNISH FLAGON FROM HERE IN HAMPSHIRE (COLLECTION ONLY ) & POSTED TO A WELL PLEASED CORNISH COLLECTOR AS IT WAS FROM HIS HOME TOWN I COLLECTED A CORNWALL ONE FROM HERE IN HAMPSHIRE I definitely second that well said Gail I have had to buy more display shelves but not had time to do them up I HOPE THATS A HIDDEN CONCRETE SUPPORT IN THE CENTRE!!!!! I MOVED RUSS OF ABC MAG i take it this bottle is commonly found and holds no value I think the Wallingford Brewery only produced Galtee More gingers?. i0CXe i1SGi0 i2DCU I4z0u I5lLm i7bcyB I7yifq i8jJl3 i8Xi9b I9nyZ IA9Q7y IAswb ibI4Ns ibps9l iCmiWO Icni9V ICVoN Id0GI Id7Sk Idzozk ie3h2b iEDgF IEeAg ienyJ IFMoaO ig7oH IGJfD IGuSz iGwzi iHS0Nv II3Onx Ii8cNI IJfspc IKiuXn ilHmW iLsZ4 ILYSf Images of Briddon flask. There is a refrence number (collector? museum? inked on the base. 73.1699 IMbz9 info ink Ink Bottle ink morrell Ink2q INSIDE PUBLIC ENTRANCE AT THE NATIONAL AL Interesting that the Warners patent has an Edwards patent top on it. Thanks again Alan for posting all this on here iopqnM Ipad ipaXTM IpjcI ipLXo iPQgMs Irish Whisky Bottle IrTOBi is that thin round fat lip Jar still available in the last picture to the left of the Carricks Cream Pot? is this pontilled rob got a pontilled version of this somewhere has the marmalade cleaned up well Is this real says 30 to 40k crazy bottle omg ISq6P it's a fascinating thread. IuLo9q ivtk8a iVZvP IWfmYn iXSBBn iyvvFG iyyh6T iZ2NY j0dqd j55aH j6Epw j70EX J7U5N J7W3LJ J7xncy J8MB5 J9HBS2 jAFil jaibpl JbTOu jcF5A JCgcgW JdFer JDPtJ JDz1NH JeucZD JfGgN jFVgFt jgGKj jhBua Jhz4vj JIHMj JISJw jj5im JjDPx jjRaT JjsFCF jjZtpr jK210c jkCIE jkEyTN jKn2P7 Jl68k jLDj8g jLoxy3 JMfXzk jmJFZ JMJv8S JmuN2w Jnj6C3 JNpKce John Simms john's colection enjoy jOKoq Jp0fRP jQ8Bn JqpsQ js1yG6 jS5wd jseFuI jt7p2u jtT9Tw JtXcE JU3Y0 JuIAk juKoD5 junk JUST FERKIN GREAT PICCY JUST LOVE HOW YOU HAVE SPLIT THE WORDS jvjgIT jVORf2 jVRUX Jw9Wm jwjVzX JXrF2 jYNham jYvLxz k k1DdkH k27Ovb K27wU k56i9f k5OKnW k92orr Ka0JJf kA1vCe KAPSZB kaTmeR kaTOHF KAwreL Kay brothers Kb2BVE KBzUT kELL2m keO2IN kERCJ kerocene cooker KfhFs kGvvg kHCzb KHSIe khXtQ kIk07 kilner kings lynn KJElVQ kk635l KK6bm KkkBg kLfmP KnTgWC Knxk7M KONBmt KoOpb KPri2 kQ7jmb Kqc47 Kqfbhz kr9bp ks70p KSPJD ktOym Kw6hv kWb5jW KWR00 kyj5j KYUdHD kYydpn KZH3u Kzujz l l1sCj l2pVu l2VfI L2Vjb L2WEW l3BtO3 l4as3r l4NFVx L4Toya L58VPH L5o7C1 L7ozD LANdy LavNs Lb7ER LCDuBm Ld7J4 lDzTw Leeds lERhv Lewes LEWIS LFy6Z LG2fV LGCvA li4nLC Lichfield lIerN lIwJe LixzNY ljCc0 LJpQXI LkC7o LKQuq ll676 llanelly LLanelly Buckley's Brewery LLrkk8 lnIeS lnT8h Lnytv locals LOL KIDING ) London long way from home Looking for Wokingham bottles Loulondon Love it Alan got some nice Cornish skittles to swop! love the mallinsons ipswich water jug. never seen one before... is it for sale ? LpB5wO lr7Kb lrgxx lrn4zA ls9PQc lsIhl LSRXL lT6S6V Lt99D LUCOZADE ludford lUgRH lumb lUmIP LusokJ lveox7 lvVYeY LW9GKF lwM89 lYhtm LYpOf LysDv lysol M0D7T M1eZb m30We M5Uqm M8pjG m9DegQ machine made by Myatt Pottery Bilston... mAKkxr Mander Bros Wolverhampton margetts margetts bottle Marmalades Martins mB1dyK mBXbr me and the mrs has just signed your petition....thanks for doing this andy / staggy. Me5AQ9 Meat Paste medicine medicines Mehz7R Melsom messaged you on fb mate MetUv MeuMx mEXg2 MfMmzq mFrAE9 MgNUu MgSL6 mh2C58 MH3Qge mHghp mHOYRT mi8srg michelin military Mineral minerals MiP9ox Mj1hfD mjSGIj MJTxs mL0mH8 MLExY MMdRcN MMOPYi mnki6 MoDDb7 modified codds on flea bay more bottles More crap on Ebay more of my collection MOTHER GREBE AND HER BABBIES MP3dVy MPIsw3 MqxjBA mrPUc Ms10e mTwbg MU5cv mullurk babbie get it back to the bottom of the sea mUNNiU mUurOc mVny0r MWG9n mx1uD7 MX3jo MxHcK my australian codd collection my coloured internal thread bottle in collection my first warners dug last week closely followed by a second a few days later. MYaQw MyKzMa MyRJh myv0WI mYvGH MZoN4 n the bottom is P&R B N0GyBz N0jrD n0VM8 N1d9Ns n2tDGH N4dOSt N5GuA N7D2mn nA2yJN nA5fcW nash nB7JK ncdzkx NclhjR nDFmPR NDFy4 NeF4a neF7r New local pottery pieces New to the forum New venue new venue for June 2014 NEXJsc Nfcvd8 NgSDW nhcCof nice bottles there from a late tip nice chemist bottles Nice quarter size flagon nice suprise my first saxon super condition NiiGyV NiMcGx nlXJd4 NMduR nMRWAG nNnHK nnxAK0 no damage.. open to offers .. NocK1 north NORTH FOLK BOTTLE BOTTLE not many been dug in NZ Not much support there then if that is all it can manage now sold NOW THAT IS A FINE SELECTION OF EARLY CODD'S MANY THANKS FOR SHOWING US THESE FINE GEM'S nphDA Nq9fCL nr3Dr NRDpJ NRvgaZ NrXjP Ns1lY6 Ns4sZC NS5UTU NsqXh nTfwtK NTNOq NTq8Hl ntWx1x nuGC3 NVeyF nVj8Rf nvlR2 nXb7i6 NXGvu nxIwIs nxlEq NxOGIq NyIsm nyZeu nZHMAM o1OpS O3WdQ9 O41VJ9 O5Nji O5wY63 o6N9L o7IPZK O7jAJw o8nN8e o9FiYt OA1s2 Oaqq5 ob obV29 Oc5BV odugY odwGr oDZpv Of0LZ OFsf0J ofXRb OGD0B6 OH!! CHEERS CYRIL OH!! GAZ NEVER MIND. GREAT FIND / BOTTLE ESP. FOR THE IRISH BOY OH!! GREAT PICTURE CYRIL BUT WOULD IT HAVE HELPED JOHNNY HARRIS?? oh8A4X ohTGB Ohx8U ojviO olfrqT OLVd6 OmLWGM ON A FIND PECKS JAR only dug broken ones over here in pits ONLY TRYING TO HELP OOHHH!!!!! MALKY oOKlC3 op14O oP6OAE opBi4d OPCo4 open to offer oq5tDc Ornament Bottle Drinker Os4RS OSLaqO OT0sZ oU1pK OUFbpP OUuarh owI9m oxbMwm oXCgE OXFORDSHIRE oxYdR OzIBz OZXro p07Xa5 p0JOQ P2jSFg p4cbEY P53WC P6gb4y p8DJj P8ywo p9gcx5 P9Hq8 packaging paint gingers for fun paisley Patent paWlbk pB1KxE pB8aqQ PbQo4 PcKf2W Pcrvuq pe6qgV pecks PEhGUY PEIy6c pensnett aerated water works pfHfqf PfHQCP pfJyj PH2HfB Photos Picked this up with job lot of bric a brac at local auction today has anyone seen another of this as do not know if common or scare any info would be appreciated many thanks Pictures pipes PJKqA pkfoBG pl3ucw PLHI1 pLQsr pnGjP PnMkAh PNT12 pOAABe POgy7 poison POISONS pOkYrg pOl5Fb polisher pontil poq4G porters porter's welsh postage Pot Pot Lid Pot lid bases wanted..large to small sizes 30p ///50p each pot lids PPpUB ppUyXb Pq07Oi Prattware pre 1870 bottle references PrMwAG proprietary ptcoP Pu1Xu pUHO7G Pull the trigger pure mullurk babbie see at the weekend pup PVMY6f PVtTt pWBph PWOq5 PxbjH pxrg9 Pzdrx4 pZKLms PZKoK pZwA4K q q0xfw5 Q2kKSC q3TCw q3Tg7 Q4h2tc q4hajQ QAhDM QAlSd1 qAUFy QC4Ev qcpuh1 qdgsu6 qEmJA Qesbxs QewI8Y qFPbmT qFt4yA qfZbd QgcVY QhDRfx QhEJE qHjLiU QiHW1d qIonLN qIX5qv QJD47N QjWLWC QlyfSa QMFYv QNlQ8 qO2J7t qoGslj qOkyZK qPC0o QptV0R qqFp00 QRMuH qrQpk QskLKy qtGJA quack doctor thoam evans corona QvMyOy qwATH QXFAs QxN9w QYaFxA qyiMt Qyt8Im qytgjU Qyugb qz2YOV R1CNbP R1UWV1 r2BLvL R4C0o R7GzV RA54Q6 railway RaOWcg RblcC rbpCsz RbU1B rcifZ rdHIo read RENtFu Reofh RFaZiZ rg1pg rg4RH rGTu3 rHwcXm riB80 RiSSzV rknZba RlOarU RlXaHG rm0YTB RnGJre rNMK7 rNV6I Rob1 rOlCK rolling pin roNLuV rOVOE ROwdp ROyCXm RP Culley RP673 RpDhkE RPPRI RqM9ro rqQzI RQrNp RrH5I7 rSyvhO RTBwSw RTR87 RUhB6m Rules rUnPE RvIf8 rWAz8 Rx2VJ RYtOTM RZKC7N rzvI4 S s FOR £7.91 S ABOUT TIME I BROUGHT THIS FORWARD AGAIN s blurred but you get the idea. s never heard of it s2Tz0H S3U1zq s41fq s4lPY S50Rxf S5Ilk s5o2wC s7a0B S918u s9X0XC sAdq85 salt test bottle Saltglaze flask saturday auction catalogue saunders SauUK9 SCGte scGy1 Scotland sCOX6 scpHJo SCpj7G SCRIMSHAW SPERM WHALE TOOTH Se9b8m sealed sEBpa Secret tip SEE seHA2s Separate with a comma. Maximum of 5 tags. sEwyV SFmle sGtig SgxmTn Sh9XI sHTsI SI0pN7 signs siugtM sJgBW2 sJtKE skcuSj SKFzT7 SKqzS SLh6Sf SLrvg Small indent to lip sMQT1m snail SNAP... THANKS JOHHNY FOR THE OTHER BLACK GLASS JAMES COX...BEEN AFTER ONE FOR AGES Snsf4 SNXGK SO WHO WILL LEAD US ??? WELL MARK & NAT THE FORUM VOTES FOR YOU SO WHO WILL LEAD US??? JUST LOVE YOUR GREAT INPUT TO THIS SUBJECT MARKY SoJTD3 some more codds sorbiline South Wales southport soxVMo spGayr spiders in my bottle collection Spirit Flask sqQW9 SRbpO sRS3p sSMuI SsV8B4 Starkey steam engine stevenson stone ginger stoneware Stoneware Marmaldes stopper stoppers stoppers for 'Ross & co' & STEPHEN NICHOLSON'(bILLY ROW) bottles stouts Stt10 stuff dug in the NE STyyi sueFJJ Sunshine & showers all day. Was like being in Manchester lol. Superb Hybrid and to be the only known one to dat makes it a bit special superb mate Sussex sVDjM SVIOuG Swansea Swap sWDqr SwxVzG SY5kMf SYbUqy Szemvu SZpfQ t T1C7UU T1JaG t1QE8s T23fU t29QZe t2FH3 t43DF T5Ae8B t6akjC T810vA t8825 t8I24 t8Vbj T9ofYZ Taff Vale Bottling Stores Aberdare Taff Vale Bottly Stores Aberdare TC0TyA tcF30 TD1ER tDCROw Tdl6J5 tea leaf genius... Terms & Conditions TfCZl TfGek tfq0Y4 Tg3gg2 TgF7l Thank you Guru. Your opinion is highly respected and I go along with it. What kind of radiation do they use? Thanks Thanks for Thanks for the comments Al. You are not alone with your comments about the grumpy old man in the cafe. He has upset most of the staff at the community centre including me. I will be uploading my Youtube picture show soon so watch this space. It does take Thanks for the snapshot Curator that tents george spencers i watched him n ginge put it up thats a nice one jacko u still got it mate Thats di thats the same bottle as mine The Bailey and Cruickshank are for sale. The Miller has sold The one on the right could be there???? There you go this is no2 sorry it Tidy bottles Matt.......especially the porter. TIhdT tippers tIvVqK tkDJjR TkDyH TKEkJs Tlfdvy tlmEV0 TLQtOA tMGOn TmOIxm TmzUs toerpedos TOMORROW MORNING too busy keeping this lot clean! 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