Hopkins Kidderminster Beer

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By Message In A Bottle - 5/8/2020 6:29:04 PM
Roaming the hillside woods with the dogs yesterday I found this Hopkins Kidderminster beer bottle! It was buried up to the neck and I assumed it would only be a broken neck but I dug it out with a stick and all was good!

The text reads: Property of Hopkins Kidderminster - White Wings

then i think it says "Reg'd Brand" but it's hard to make out..

Found very little history on the brewery. (according to wiki) George Hopkins was a wine and spirits merchant who acquired the Sutton Brewery in 1899.. The name Hopkins, Garlick and Co. is all I could find any history for. This name was registered in 1911. I assume this bottle dates from between 1899 and 1911, before he joined up with the Garlick family (another brewing family) to form this company. Brewing ceased at the Sutton Brewery in 1921.

The question is, why did it have a Royal Well Malvern stopper in it? Were they bottling for Hopkins or just reusing the bottle, or was it just mixed up post opening somehow...






By CAPSLOCK - 5/8/2020 9:36:48 PM
A lot of Kiddy stuff dug off tip near Stourport few years back. It was mainly beers and codds as far as i remember.