Ceramic chemist jars ?

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By mountainashphil - 3/25/2017 12:38:51 PM
Hi got hold of these in the week and just need a bit of help from the forum, How old do you think they are , and should I try to get rid of the crazing as I'm not sure if the transfere is under the glaze or not but to tell you the truth they look ok as they are.Thanks in advance Philhttp://www.bottledigging.org.uk/forum/Uploads/Images/2aa19808-7296-4e8f-8d66-11bc.jpg
By Old Oxford - 3/25/2017 12:44:55 PM
The three to the rear appear to be some of the modern reproductions.
The crazing to the exterior is done during the manufacturing process to give them an aged appearance.
By bulbous neckus - 3/25/2017 3:06:44 PM
Definitely reproductions, sorry about that.
By mountainashphil - 3/25/2017 3:09:46 PM
Thanks for the reply thought the crazing was a bit much , They come from a well known high street chemist chain , They Display well so I'll keep them they're still about 50yr old I suppose but the cream pot is original I think crème du jour Morny Chaminade 201 Regent St London W1.